Bibi Booth | FAQ

Here you'll find some frequently asked questions! You can always contact us with more.

Q: How much does a booth cost?
A: Unlike other booths we charge by the hour. Beyond that, we only charge for transport and your custom backdrop. Email for an estimate and the full breakdown.

Q: What will my backdrop look like?
A: We love working with our clients to create a custom backdrop for their own event. Bibi Booth will discuss this with you after booking but we like to be inspired by you.

Q: I saw a backdrop I liked at a prior Bibi Booth. Can I use that one for my booth? How much will it cost?
A: Of course! We keep all backdrops so they are always available for future booths. If you choose this option, we don't charge you the custom backdrop fee. It's free of charge to use a repeat offender! Here are some available backdrop swatches from past Bibi Booths:

Q: Where do I find my photos after the event?
A: You probably already know the answer to this since you've found our site. Bibi Booth will provide business cards to your guests, which will include our website address for easy access. You'll also receive a zip file of jpgs to download at your convenience and to share with whomever you'd like.

Q: I'm having a birthday at a bar tomorrow. Can you come and do a booth?
A: We do all sorts of events and would love to be part of your special day. Most bars don't allow the space for a booth, but we're always willing if the bar approves and has the necessary set-up. We also like to make sure your booth is perfect so we might not be able to do a booth without some advance notice.

Q: What's the size of the booth structure?
Our booth is 78" high x 84" wide. We also require at least 50" depth to accommodate the sides of the booth. If you're working in a smaller space, we can also do a vertical booth produces vertical shots. This booth is the same measurements except for the width which is only 42" wide. You can find a vertical booth here. When possible, we always try to do horizontal booths.

Q: Do you do weddings?
A: Yes! We're glad you asked. You can see a Bibi Booth wedding here.

Q: Can you print my photos?
A: At this time Bibi Booth does not offer the ability to print at the event. We do, however, take orders on this site once your booth has been posted. The prints are affordable and are sent straight to your doorstep. Just find your photos and tell us what size prints you'd like to the bottom right of the photo.

Q: When and how do I pay for Bibi Booth?
A: We require half of the total estimated amount at the time of reservation and in advance of the event date. The second half is due the day of the event. We accept Venmo, Paypal, check and cash.